Garage doors are the biggest moving piece of your home, they’re also one of the things most likely to break, meaning it can be expensive to repair them multiple times over the course of a few years. Not to mention they’re heavy, potentially life threatening parts of your home. It likely weighs one to two hundred pounds if not more and the weight is all supported on a few springs or cables. Given that your garage door is used a minimum of twice a day and likely more, that places a lot of strain on a few pieces of metal, so it’s no wonder they can damage so easily.

What Can Damage My Garage Door? Should I Replace It?

1. The Weather

This is the most likely reason for damage to occur. In Houston we have a humid climate, but the weather can change drastically between seasons. It’s not just floods, tornadoes or hurricanes you have to worry about. The changes in temperature over the course of a year or more will weaken the moving parts of your garage door in time and inevitably, something will need repairing or replacing.

If your home has been affected by a bad weather recently, then you should inspect your door and see if it needs any repairs or replacements.

2. Age and Safety

This is the other most likely reason for repair or replacment. Given the mentioned weather exposure, replacing your door is inevitable, but there are a few other reasons to be concerned about the age and safety of your door.

Before 1993 there were no regulations about installing safety devices in automatic doors to prevent accidental injuries. If you believe that your garage door was built before 1993, then we advocate getting a new door in order to make your home safer. Given that 40% of safety measures in automatic garage doors made after 1993 fail to work correctly, it might be better to replace or negotiate a replacement your door whenever you get a new home.

While not due to age, a mother-of-four from Houston was killed in a freak accident due to poor safety devices in her garage door in 2013. Perhaps if her garage door had motion sensors it might not have happened. While the article doesn’t say if her door was automatic, old or not, this is proof that any door could prove deadly if appropriate care isn’t taken.

3. Lack of Regular Maintenance

As with all things, taking the time to inspect and clean your things will go a long way to saving money. When the inside of your home gets dirty from tracking too much mess into it, you should consider the fact that your garage door is effectively constantly exposed to the outdoors.

We highly suggest that you make inspecting your garage door part of your regular routine. If you don’t inspect your garage door roughly once a season or after a severe bout of weather, then the damage can easily build up. Water and debris will get into the moving parts of your door, so you should clean the track once or twice a year, and lubricate moving parts with a specialised door cleaning spray with a lithium or silicone based spray. You can easily buy these at our store, a home repair store or even online though we believe you should only buy from reputable brands.

This way you can spot potential dangers and weaknesses ahead of time and act quickly to repair it on your own or with specialist help if you think you can’t look after it yourself.

4. Frequent Malfunctions

If your garage door breaks down multiple times within a season or even a year it will interfere with your daily life, cost you more money in the long run than replacing a door and is a potential danger to yourself and your home.

If your garage frequently makes strange noises, doesn’t close properly, jams or otherwise needs repairs then it might be better to contact a garage door service store and purchase a new door. If your door keeps breaking down even with regular maintenance, then it is definitely time to get a new garage door. We can efficiently install a garage door for you at a reasonable price.

5. Aesthetics and Efficiency

While not as important as the others, your home’s appearance can be drastically improved by purchasing a new door. Our store offers of variety of functions, styles and colours to add a little extra panache to your home without needing a major redesign.

A new door will also better insulate the house meaning you will save money by reducing the amount of energy lost from your heater or air conditioners. Garage doors are now rated on an energy efficiency scale based on several factors because they are proven to help improve the energy efficiency of your home. Save money in the long run and opt for a fewer day that will cut your heating costs.

At our store our workers are well versed on the R- and U-value energy ratings of doors and can help you pick the best one for your house depending on whether it’s an attached or detached garage. Feel free to contact us at any time.


These aren’t the only things that can damage your door. For one thing, we’ve purposely omitted damage and danger caused by people to draw attention to aspects of garage door safety that are less obvious, but can be just as costly as anything a person can do.

Whether it’s just maintenance or a minor repair, you should act quickly to prevent it becoming a bigger problem. For major repairs or any doubts about the safety of your garage door we sincerely recommend you invest in a new door before anything bad happens. We offer same day and next day services at a reasonable price within our catchment area. Contact us to find out if we can help you.