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Spring Replacement

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Garage Door Spring Replacement Houston

Need Garage Door Spring Replacement in Houston? we provide Garage Door Spring Replacement services in Houston, Katy, woodlands and surrounding areas.

Do you suspect that your garage door spring is starting to wear out? Whenever you need regular or emergency services, you can call our experienced team at 24-7 Garage Doors for help! When a spring breaks, it will almost invariably make an incredibly loud noise. We will check the spring to determine whether it simply needs an adjustment or a complete replacement.

The main types of garage door springs are:

Extension springs
Torsion springs

The key thing to remember when you face a damaged spring is this: do not attempt to fix the problem on your own! Garage door springs are extremely powerful and if handled by an amateur, can cause extremely serious damage to the person. Instead, leave the issue in the hands of Garage Door Spring Replacement Houston workers! Give us a call at (713) 999-1059.

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Every garage door spring have a limited span of life which is measured in cycles. A cycle is completed when the door goes up and comes back down. Mostly the garage door springs come with the life expectancy of 8,000 to 12,000 cycles and added to the daily use you can determine the lifespan of a garage door spring in years-

2 times a day- 13 years approx
4 time a day- 8 years approx
6 times a day- 4 years approx
8 times- 2 years approx

When the life cycle of a spring is reached to the end then it can break and this is a problematic situation and the door may fail in the raised situation. An ideal prevention is not to be under the door when it is in raised condition.

Therefore it is important to replace the spring before it breaks and to provide immediate replacement if found broken. 24-7 Garage Doors provides an efficient team of highly talented and friendly technicians who have the best experience of Garage Door Spring Replacement in Houston. It is also very important that you take the help of a professional company only for garage door spring replacement Houston and do not hire any company which does not have a good experience. If you have a garage door spring problem our experts can suggest and provide new springs for your garage door and full support afterwards.

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