Garage Door Keypad

Garage Keypad -A garage door keypad is usually installed on the exterior part of the garage doors. It allows you to use a code to unclose the door automatically. It is a safe and convenient way of ensuring that the things you keep in your garage remain safe. You can either select a wireless or wired keypad, it all depends on you.

To use it, you need to get a suitable location to fix it on the exterior part of your garage. The installation process is different, if you are using the wireless keyless entry. Once you have installed it, it needs to be programmed. To do this, you need to refer to the manual to find out the buttons that you are required to press. When you are programming the keypad, you have three options that you can work with.

You can program it using its remote, motor or keypad. When you are programming the keypad, check if it requires a 4-digit code or whether you need to enter six digits.


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There are some common problems that associated with wireless keyless entry keypads. In most cases, the door refuses to open. The problem can be the keypad or the garage door itself can be faulty. If you are using a wired keypad, make sure it has power. The problem can caused by a faulty sensor or frayed cables in your garage door opener.

If you want to change the code that you initially used when installing your garage door keypad, you can simply reprogram it. Check the manual to check if there are instructions on how to reprogram the specific keypad you use. To reprogram, you need to have an access code to allow you to change your password. Once you have entered this code, enter your old password and then choose a new one.

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