24/7 Garage Doors covers all types of garage door repairs in Houston, Tx. Do you have a broken spring or snapped cables, or perhaps the door itself needs some attention?  We are able to repair or service all types of garage doors from the vast majority of all of the main garage door manufactures on the same day or night. We are a family run garage door business and work with the principles of customer service, quick call outs backed up with quality workmanship and a fair price.

We also offer garage door maintenance and servicing. We offer a variety of warranties on out parts and can provide upto a full 3 year warranty on all the work we carry out, offering you complete peace of mind when you call us. We also have the option to arrange with you to view, quote and repair your garage door in your absence.

Some of the typical garage door repairs we encounter:

⭐ Replace springs of all types
⭐ Install new lifting and lock cables
⭐ Repair stiff and squeaky doors
⭐ Replace rollers, pulley wheels, etc.
⭐ Install new locking handles
⭐ Repair electric mechanisms

So if your garage door will not open or close, or it is moving out of alignment. We have the solution. Please contact us today so we can arrange one of our team to visit you.

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Joe  Lewis
Joe Lewis
09:30 30 Jan 20
Provided excellent garage door service at fair price. Tech was an intelligent and proficient guy who was experienced and attentive in his work. He was professionally skilled and was concerned about our satisfaction. He worked according to our will. Thank you for your high quality work
David  Walker
David Walker
06:33 29 Jan 20
Proficient guys to contact for Garage door repair. Their work capabilities are impeccable and technicians are skilled enough to tackle easy to complex door issues. I got them at my home two days ago and they worked exceptionally. Their professionalism was quite impressive.
Evan Walsh
Evan Walsh
04:38 28 Jan 20
I found their technician quite supportive and skilled. He was best at his work and did high quality spring replacement in no-time. He was smart and worked accurately. He was talkative and friendly that made him easy to work with. Overall it was a fantastic working experience. Great service.
Donald Woolley
Donald Woolley
08:11 24 Jan 20
Their professionals are amazing and proved out a great help to tune up our garage door. The service was so quick and techs were skilled and prompt. Have no words to express my happiness to have them found and hired for impeccable garage door services.
Crystal Davenport
Crystal Davenport
05:03 22 Jan 20
Our door was almost 20 years old. I noticed its springs were not working as they required to work. I thought of its replacement and hired them to do the job. The technician worked great and did Spring replacement in a timely fashion.
Vernell Crowston
Vernell Crowston
07:27 16 Jan 20
The top spring of my garage door broke. Hired them for help. The guy came out promptly and worked great on it. It is fixed now and the door is working awesome.
Willie  Priolo
Willie Priolo
06:03 13 Jan 20
Their assistance was remarkable when worked with them for broken door repair. Their technician man did an impressive job and resolved the issue immediately. Best garage door service.
Joshua Patenaude
Joshua Patenaude
07:34 10 Jan 20
Quick garage door repair and tune-up. The technician was efficient and professional. His work quality was amazing and worked as per my demands and accommodated all my needs.
David Robertson
David Robertson
12:40 08 Jan 20
I had another issue with my garage door. I called them and they worked amazing on it. Their service was on-time and technicians were patient and listened to me carefully and paid heed to every instruction and worked extremely good.
Tyler  Lanham
Tyler Lanham
12:06 02 Jan 20
It was my first time I was using these folks! I never had a thought they would assist me so quickly. I called them for broken spring replacement and their tech worked fantastic on it. Our door is working much better than before. Thanks, guys! would contact you again to full-fill similar requirements.
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When you first move into your new home in Houston it is important to find a quality and reliable garage door repair company in Houston. Feeling secure in your home is of the upmost importance and a garage door that is in need of repair cannot provide you with the comfort you need. So how do you find a reliable garage door repair company in Houston?

The first thing you should do when looking for a garage door repair provider in Houston is to search online. When you search make sure your provide can service your area of Houston, and if you’re searching for garage door repair companies in Houston then nearly everyone listed will be able to help you.

That said, since the Houston area is so expansive, some might not service all communities, or they might take longer to arrive if their dispatch office is a ways away from your own home. Make sure when you speak to a company that they can be at your house on the same day, At 24/7 garage doors Houston, we can be at all houses in the Houston area on the same day or night – especially as we provide 24 hour emergency garage door services.

The next thing you should be looking for is reputation. Checking online ratings and consumer feedback is a great way to filter the good garage door companies in Houston from the ones who let you down, either on reliability, or security or service.

Make sure you call a provider who has a solid reputation online for delivering the very highest services when it comes to repairing your garage door in a timely and respectful manner. If they don’t pass the reputation test then you probably don’t want them to repair your garage door.

Once you start having some idea which garage door companies in Houston are the best in the area, then the next thing to do is to start calling around to check about rates, response times, and even hours of service.

It’s important to resolve your garage door issues as soon as possible so that you can get back to your daily tasks. At 24/7 Garage Doors, we can repair your garage door anytime day or night as we offer same day call outs, usually within the hour and can offer emergency callouts 24 hours a day! Most of the companies that provide garage door services in Houston do not provide this level of accessibility!

If your garage is not currently working at all and has been like that for some time, then using a professional garage door service Houston is a much better idea to get it up and running than tackling the project yourself would be, as missing the littlest thing can have tragic consequences.

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When you are using your garage doors excessively, they are prone to getting damaged. Although springs do not usually break before their life span is complete, if they are not properly maintained and used then they tend to break earlier. Another major reason why springs break over here is the frequent fluctuations in the temperature as well as the extreme conditions that are here.

You might have heard a loud snapping sound followed by the inability to open and close your garage door. This is typically a sure sign of a broken garage door spring. Garage door springs’ lifetime varies depending on the amount of use your garage door has over a period of time. Springs are one of the most common failures on today’s modern garage doors. We specialize in replacing springs and get your door working again fast at a great price. We have just about every spring on our trucks so we can get your door fixed without a second trip. Find out more about garage door spring repair in Houston.


Garage door openers are so important to the safety of your family. A garage door is far more complex than they may seem, and anything as small as a single broken spring could be preventing your opener from working. Our team will be happy to help you select a new garage door opener, or repair the opener you already own. Find out more about our garage door openers in Houston, Tx.


Do the garage door cables keep coming off? Are you frequently irritated by the cables creaking or derailing when you really don’t have time for additional disruptions to your already busy day?

Trust our team at 24/7 Garage Doors for the service you need, when you need it!

We have been servicing garage systems for a very long time in the Houston area and have full knowledge of all parts that are likely responsible for your issues, how they work and which steps must be followed so that they can be fixed properly in the shortest amount of time.

When cables break, you will have a hard time opening the overhead door which if you try to fix yourself can leave your hands oily or greasy and last for work or your other commitments.

When they are loose, the door’s movement won’t be right and can result in the closed door being ajar which can leave space for animals or people to find an access path in to your garage and potentially your home. Since such problems cause inconveniences and might also cause safety risks, it’s probably best to count on 24/7 Garage Door Repair Houston for your garage door cable repair needs. Our team is experienced and our response is fast – same day or night thanks to our emergency technician team.

The garage door professionals of our business in Houston always move fast when our client’s garage door cables have snapped. We have been in this business for a long time and know from experience that the overhead door won’t open and close properly until the broken cable is replaced. In an attempt to prevent safety hazards caused by such problems, we respond fast – usually within the hour, regardless of the time of day or night! Don’t forget, our company offers emergency repair services and excels in garage door cables replacement. As some of the best overhead door repair experts in Houston, we can complete the entire replacement process with absolute perfection. Our technicians are fully trained to provide such services and always check and fix the balance of the door before leaving so there are hassles for you after we have left.


Installing garage door cables is our specialty. We are careful, meticulous and make sure the new cable is installed with precision so that the door can open and close all the way without leaving gaps underneath. We work thoroughly and with the right tools and guarantee excellent and immediate cable services.


A garage door is probably the one item that you never think about breaking, it does happen and when it does you need to find a resolution quickly! Especially if it happens at the most inconvenient time like when you arrive home late at night and the garage door is jammed open and you can’t go to bed with it unresolved or you may wake up and find your valuables are missing. 24/7 Garage Doors of Houston are the most reliable and trustworthy garage door repair company in Houston for a reason – we are always available and will never let you down like garage doors can!

Call Houston’s Most Trusted 24 Hour Garage Door Services Company